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Signature Cocktails

Our selection of signature cocktails, from the hand of our bartender Enrique Prado

Frank Sinatra's Cocktail
King Louie Cocktail
Newton Cocktail
Pasaje a la India Cocktail
Paloma Chingona Cocktail
Made in Japan Cocktail
Fígaro Foam Cocktail
Sunset Boulevard Cocktail
Cocktail Clandestino
Negroni en Vena Cocktail
Vodka Matrioska
Gold on the Ceiling Cocktail
The Green Fizz Cocktail
Fig Whiskey Hour Cocktail
Looking for a Rum Mate Cocktail
Penicillin Cocktail
Pisco Basílico Cocktail
Panchita la Larga Cocktail
English Man in Les Rambles Cocktail
Many Mules Cocktail
Mango Nº 5 Cocktail
Moes Flamed Cocktail
Porn Star Martini Cocktail
The Jack Sparrow Cocktail
RonRoneame Zombie Cocktail
Old Fashioned Cocktail
The Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Free Cocktails

Illustrations by @pimpamcreations

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